Life & blog update: May 2019

a beach on island Krk, Croatia

Life & blog update : May…was a kind of an ups&downs month…from birthday celebrations to a funeral and a wedding. But that’s life!

I blogged about our weekend trip to Berlin in April. It was really a great trip and just what we needed before our baby girl arrives at the beginning of September. I hope to blog about our last year’s trip to San Marino with our boy (I posted only two photo posts , I didn’t write about sights).

My son turned 18 months at the beginning of May. He has grown so much! He was 78 cm tall at 12 months and now he’s 86 cm. He understands so much and he already helps with the housework. Really! He puts dirty clothes in the washing machine and takes out the clean clothes, he picks up dirt from the floor and helps to empty the shopping bags 🙂 He still loves to play with a ball a lot but he can amuse himself with the most trivial things. Just the other day he literally spent 11 minutes putting on and off an elastic band on a wardrobe handle. He had his vaccinations too but this time he had a fever afterwards and it was so strange to see him sit still, that never happens. He was all right the next day and back to his usual active self.

My pregnancy is going well. I stopped working this month so I have a few months off before the baby arrives. We need to buy some things for her and rearrange the children’s room. We recently bought a huge wardrobe for the hallway but I still don’t have enough place for all the children’s clothes I got from my friends. Are you on Mix? It’s a kind of reader platform like Bloglovin’ where you can find blog posts. Drop me your link below if you want. Mine is theRedPhoneBox.


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What were the highlights of your May? Did you travel somewhere?


Have a great June!





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