8 Reasons to Visit Trieste, An Italian Hidden Gem

Known as a city with two souls, Trieste is a gorgeous city in Italy located near the borders of Croatia and Slovenia. The largest among the ports of Italy, it is the center of coffee drinking in Italy, and is a place for the arts with many artists being drawn to the city. With such beauty, a unique location, and cultural influences from outside of Italy, Trieste is a hidden gem in Italy that is worth spending some time in.

Here are 8 reasons why Trieste is worth visiting:

1. The Harbor

The harbor in Trieste is impressive, not only for its economic impact on the city but also for its beauty and operations. The main harbor, located just off Piazza Venezia, has yachts, sail boats and more. To see the bustling of the shipping operations, head to the south western part of the coast.

2. Piazza Unità d’Italia

Piazza Unità d’Italiais a large square that is located right next to the sea. You’ll find important local buildings such as Town Hall, statues, and beautiful architecture here, and be able to take in incredible beauty of the city simply from having a coffee in the square or sitting and enjoying the view.

3. Molo Audace 

At the end of Piazza Unita Italia is Molo Audace, a paved promenade that you can walk down to appreciate the sea and surrounding beauty of Trieste.

4. The Roman Theatre 

Located on Via del Teatro Romano in old town is the city’s Roman Theatre. It is a must-see while you are here, as the structure and its seating are still in great condition and you can even see original statues at a local museum.

5. Miramare Castle

Located in the neighborhood of Grignano, Miramare Castle is one of Trieste’s gems. Built to be a private residence for Ferdinand Maximilian of the Habsburgs and his family, the castle is romantic and well-preserved.

6. The Grotta Gigante

If you drive 20 minutes outside of the city, you’ll find Grotta Gigante (gigantic cave). It is a popular activity for tourists to visit and explore the natural phenomenon. 

7. Joyce heritage 

A statue of James Joyce, a man who taught English at a local school and a writer, stands at the Ponte Posso bridge. This bronze statue honors him, his life and influence in Trieste.

8. Great museums

With so much history, culture, and a local love for art, museums are a wonderful way to get to know a place. Trieste has some incredible museums, including a Museum of the War for Peace, the Museum of the Oriental Art, the Revoltella Museum of Modern, the Civic Museum of History and Art, and more.

With so much to see and do, it is also of course worth mentioning that the food in Trieste is incredible. For authentic local meals, Antica Trattoria Suban is a must.

Disclaimer: This post is written in collaboration with Hanna Johnson

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  1. Great post once again, Tanja. I’d like to seek your help creating an itinerary for a month-long land travel from rome thru your country to greece and finally turkey. I understand you’ve done a land trip from croatia to turkey before. Could you help me work this out?

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    1. Trieste is practically my backyard:) I’ve been there many times, have a couple of other posts about it too, it’s an interesting Italian town. if you’re in the area again, go visit it


      1. I’ve traveled quite extensively in Italy, alone and with Italian friends, French and Finnish friends, worked there, etc. So many times it’s impossible to count, the longest trip being 6 months! Before smart phones and wifi, I didn’t write down the places I went to. And so I have no idea! 🤷‍♀️ The same goes for places in France. And Spain, though there I haven’t been quite as active 😁

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