Friendly Friday Photo Challenge: Dreams of London

Friendly Friday Photo Challenge: Dreams…. I always dream of London.

the London Eye

WE all have dreams. Dreams of a better life, brighter future, success, love, family and dreams of travels near and far. Daydreaming is something we all need now more than ever. Travelling was definitely one of my earliest dreams and visiting London was my travel dream come true. I wish I could travel abroad now, I wish I could visit my best friend , and , yes, I wish I could go to London again…

City of London
the City of London-my last visit to London in 2016, it’s been too long

Friendly Friday Photo Challenge is hosted by Amanda and Sandy every Friday.

What do you dream of? Love, travel, health?

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15 thoughts

  1. It made me smile to see that you dream of visiting London while I am at the moment dreaming of getting away from it! Don’t get me wrong, I love living in London, but I’m desperate to be able to travel again!

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  2. Mainly I dream of being healthy. Lately I have had some health issues so the meaning of health have increased. Now in the middle of this pandemick time (when so many things have happened and when I also got sick) I would be so greatfull just to be able to live the normal life! Nothing else really matters!

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  3. Growing up, my biggest dream was going to London. It was the place of all the history books & stories that I read as a child. I’m happy to say that years later I did visit London … London Bridge, Westminster, London Tower, Piccadilly Circus … I would be happy to visit London again! Someday 🙂

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