Friendly Friday Photo Challenge: Red and Green (My Christmas tree)

Friendly Friday Photo Challenge: Red and this year’s last Friendly Friday prompt. And what better way to finish off the year than with a festive theme: red and green.

My Christmas tree is always decorated with mainly red Christmas baubles and Christmas decorations. As it seems I’m a traditionalist when it comes to Christmas décor. We decorated our Christmas tree yesterday:) The earliest ever, but we deserve a prolonged festive spirit. My son helped us a lot with the decorations. Our daughter liked more to take off the Christmas baubles from the Christmas tree and they both ate a couple of chocolate Christmas decorations intended for the Xmas tree.

Friendly Friday Photo Challenge is hosted by Amanda and Sandy every Friday. The photo challenge will continue after the holidays.

Happy Holidays to all!



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23 thoughts

  1. Very pretty 🙂 It’s too early for us to put up our tree as we like to get a real one and it would be bare by Christmas Day, or at least by Twelfth Night (I won’t take it down before that as I was taught by my mother that it’s bad luck!) But I think we’ll do it a little sooner than usual – we all need some festive cheer!

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    1. Thanks, yes, you can’t put up a real tree so soon. Last year we decorated our tree on 15 December which was a tad earlier than we usually do but this year we did super early😉

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  2. Beautiful! The green, red, and blue lights really do emit that warm glow associated with the holiday spirit. I haven’t installed or decorated a Christmas tree in years, but I always love looking at other’s to keep the magical cheer! Happy holidays to you, Tanja. 🙂

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  3. The memories of decorating a Christmas tree with one’s children are so special and I often wish I could re-visit those times now that my kids are adults. I will not have any Grandchildren so have to re-live those moments of the past through my memories. Thank you for bringing them alive again with your photos of the tree and story of the children decorating (and un-decorating) with you. The tree looks lovely and I am sure you are all looking forward to Christmas day after a tough year.

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