Life & blog update: August 2021

our first trip in over two years

Life & blog update: August 2021…..was a month of change and holidays.

At the beginning of this year I found a job. Something completely different than anything I’d done before. I even spent 2 weeks in Split on a training course. It was a good job, actually it was a very good job but the work schedule was a bit tough on my family. However, then an opportunity for another job came.  A job that would be more suitable for me. So, I changed my job.

I had very short holidays between my two jobs. On the first day of holidays my son got sick. He had high fever and all I thought was how life is unfair and that my plans have to change again. Afterwards, we spent a couple of days at Krk island as usually. However, my real holidays were a three day spa break just with my husband in northern Croatia. That was really relaxing. Reading a book by the pool, swimming a bit, then going to the sauna and then doing it all again. Frankly, 3 days is just enough time for that kind of a break, any longer and we’d have gotten bored. As the saying goes, that was exactly what the doctor ordered; to be away from everything and not to have any obligations. We got to see a castle too. Besides, the spa break was actually our wedding anniversary present because the end of August marks our 7th year of marriage.

The highlight of August was our day trip to Italy (you might have seen my Instagram story and a couple of photos on my feed). We visited a charming, little town Cividale del Friuli near Udine in Italy. I haven’t travelled for more than two years so even though this was just a day trip I was over the moon about the fact that I finally got to travel internationally. That day trip was also my daughter’s first trip abroad. She was running happily around Cividale del Friuli and I can’t wait for things to normalize so I can take my kids on longer trips.

My blog is 6 years old. You might have seen my blogiversary post so I won’t write again about it here. I am happy that I stuck to my travel blog through all the big life changes in the past six years. Thank you all for following my adventures.

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  1. Glad you had a wonderful August, despite the emergency with your son getting sick; I hope he’s since recovered! It’s wonderful you got to travel internationally again, and I hope with this pandemic, things look up further for you!

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