GPSmyCity Yearly Membership Giveaway

Town Hall in Venlo, the Netherlands
Venlo, the Netherlands

I’ve been collaborating with GPSmyCity for a few years already. An afternoon in Venlo, the Netherlands is my latest blog post that has been turned into a travel article app. You can still read it here on my blog but you can also access it on your Android or iOS devices through GPSmyCity app and use offline maps as your own walking guide for this charming, small Dutch town. To commemorate this new publication, GPSmyCity offers all my readers: One-year premium membership of GPSmyCity allowing FREE access to all the guides and articles within the app.

Whatever cities you are interested into, you can now get access to all the guides & articles about those place for free for a whole year. You can plan all your trips for this year using this wonderful app. Instead of carrying maps or searching for free Wifi signal to access maps when you are travelling, you’ll just use your GPSmyCity app on your phone.

How to win this giveaway

It’s easy, there is no contest. Whoever wants to claim this reward, gets it.

To claim this one-year premium membership, you will have to download GPSmyCity app, proceed to the Account screen to register GPSmyCity user account, and then go to “More” screen and “Feedback” to send us email which will include the claim code from the app. 

You need to use this claim code 25650206.

***NOTE: The user must email us the claim code WITHIN ONE WEEK of their announcement being posted, no later than February 13. *** Then we’ll enable premium membership on the user’s account for their enjoyment.

So, go ahead! Use my claim code 25650206 and download GPSmyCity app if you already don’t have it. If you have it, follow the procedure above and use my code 25650206 to get this One-year premium membership of GPSmyCity allowing FREE access to all the guides and articles within the app.

Enjoy your travels!



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