Life & blog update: January 2023

inside a small pharmacy museum in Rijeka, Croatia

Life & blog update: January 2023…was a rather slow month. In the beginning it suited me that we stayed at home and that I did household chores. It was quite cold for a while too, so I felt like a bear, wanting to just sleep and eat. But then my kids got sick twice during January. Actually at the end of the month we all got the flu so I felt quite miserable. My kids didn’t go to daycare for half a month. If we didn’t have the help from the grandparents I’d probably be fired by now for taking so many sick days.

However, I had two great days in January. My husband and I met up with a couple of our gaming friends and we had a very special Friday 13th. We played a murder mystery game called Gamer over! I was actually the murderer and nobody guessed it right. It was so much fun.

My other fabulous day began with a spa experience at one of the best hotels in this area. I had a massage, swam at the huge indoor swimming pool and used sauna. Afterwards I met up with a friend for a quick chat. Since I had some free time before our date I popped in the small pharmacy museum and discovered some unknown facts about the history of pharmacy in my hometown. My fabulous day didn’t finish just yet because after a short date with my friend my husband picked up the kids and me and we all went to our friends exhibition’s opening. I must say that kids were mostly well behaved apart from that moment when they almost took down the painting from the wall. Our day finished with a dinner at the restaurant. So, spa, meeting a friend, museum, exhibition and dinner, all in one perfect day. I guess the rest of the month had to be miserable to balance it out.

How was your January? Oh, I forgot to mention that I booked a trip for April. I’m really looking forward to it. And I’m thinking about another trip for June (besides our weekend trip with friends to Padua, Italy).

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  1. Honestly, January felt long, given that it’s a full 31 days and in the middle of winter with short daylight hours…it felt slow for me, too, although I had a lot of events going on. I’m excited that you’re going off somewhere in April, and hopefully June! Although 2023 started off slow for you, here’s hoping it picks up, and that you can have more adventures this year!

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    1. Thanks Rebecca. I guess January is a sluggish month for most people. And so far February hasn’t been great either because we were all sick up until recently. I hope that better days are ahead

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  2. That spa/friend/museum/dinner/exhibition day sounds like a month’s worth of treats all squeezed into one day! I’m sorry the rest of the month wasn’t so great, hopefully the rest of the year will be better. I’m curious to find out where you’re going in April?

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