Thursday doors: wonderful doors from Bury St Edmunds

festive door in Bury St Edmunds, November 2022

Thursday doors: doors from Bury St Edmunds features beautiful doors from a small, English county town of Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk (East Anglia). I haven’t been to Bury for over 12 years so I decided to spend a day there during my recent London trip since it is rather close to Stansted airport where my plane landed. I had a leisurely walk around the town’s historical city center and I reacquainted myself with some of Bury St Edmunds sights. Also, I decided to look for a Medieval house in Whiting street. I wasn’t sure which one was the right medieval house among all the beautiful, old houses. But it doesn’t matter since I enjoyed my walk. I felt like being at home again after such a long time away.

I took these photos of wonderful doors from Bury St Edmunds in November last year. Which one is your favourite?

I rather like a red door

searching for a Medieval house in Whiting street….

is this the right medieval house I was looking for??

what a wonderful festive door

Have you been to Bury St Edmunds? It’s the home of Greene king beer and English first patron saint St. Edmund among other things.

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  1. Beautiful doors. Choosing a favorite is difficult. I like the photo of the two doors. I always enjoy seeing the way people decorate otherwise identical doors. I also like the photo from inside the cathedral.

    The closest I came to Bury St.Edmunds was when I visited a friend in Ipswich.

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