Our 10 x 10 board game challenge

Our 10 x 10 board game challenge 2022

10 x 10 board game challenge means that you pick 10 games to play 10 times during the course of 1 year. You can learn more about it if you click here. I have mentioned in my monthly life & blog updates that we often play board games and that my husband has a huge board game collection.

In 2021 we did our first 10 x 10 board game challenge and failed. We didn’t manage to play 10 selected games 10 times. We wanted to do that challenge to get better at some games. Last year, we chose new 10 games for our 2022 challenge. This time we included some kids’ board games too and perhaps opted for easier games in general. We decided to include some new games and some old games in this challenge.

We finished our 2022 10 x 10 board game challenge successfully. We used the wooden frame pictured above to keep our score. However, different colored meeples don’t represent specific players as some people have in their 10 x 10 challenge. My husband was very happy that we managed to finish our 10 x 10 board game challenge. We played these games with friends, with our kids and by ourselves. All of the games are Euro games.

10 x 10 board game challenge 2022

Praga ***** by Delicious games publisher

Excellent game. A bit difficult to grasp at the beginning but after 3 plays you know what to do. As the title says you are building Prague city.

Tzolk’in ***** by CGE publisher

One of my favorite games with an interesting mechanic and it is set in old Mayan world.

Lost ruins of Arnak **** by CGE publisher

If you like adventures and Indiana Jones movies this game is for you. It’s fun and as every game by CGE has a beautiful design and components.

Queendomino *** by Pegasus spiele publisher

We have Kingdomino (bought it in Berlin) so my hubby got later Queendomino as well. Easy, short game.

Russian Railroads **** by Zman games

I didn’t expect to like this game but I enjoyed playing it. We have tried all expansions too.

Villagers *** by Sinister fish games publisher

My husband got this game in a giveaway. Easy, fun game.

Carcassonne ***** by Hans im Gluck publisher

A true classic. We played the original game and maps of Germany, France and the UK. We are teaching our son how to play it too.

Bunny Kingdom ***** by Iello publisher

I bought this game for my husband for Christmas. It was a pleasant surprise. Lots of bunnies who want to build their cities:)

Stone Age **** junior by Hans im Gluck publisher

My husband bought this for our son. We are playing it with our daughter too. It’s fun and not too complicated and the kids like it.

Taverns von Tiefenthal **** by Schmidt publisher

Running a tavern isn’t very easy. An interesting game for sure.

We have started our 2023 challenge in January and so far we are doing well. I think we’ll complete it.

Are you playing board games? Have you heard of these games from our challenge?

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8 thoughts

  1. That’s such a fun challenge and it’s great to spend time with your family away from technology! I didn’t know any of these games except maybe Carcasson that I’ve heard about but I’ve never played!

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  2. As someone who enjoys playing board games, this board game challenge sounds like a lot of fun. I actually used to organize a weekly board game club at work prior to the pandemic. There’s a few games on your list that I’ve never heard of before that I should check out. Thanks for sharing. Linda

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