Visiting a chocolate museum

Old Town Square, Prague

Old Town Square, Prague

On a summer day few years ago I visited a chocolate museum. I was in Prague on my own and I was utterly charmed by Prague’s beauty. I don’t remember anymore how I found out about a chocolate museum but I put it on my to-do list for Prague because… Well, do you need a reason to visit a chocolate museum?

Muzeum čokolády, Choco-Story Praha is located in Celetna street which is near the magnificent Old Town Square with its fairy-tale church (the Church of Our Lady before Týn ). Upon entering the museum and paying for the ticket I was given some milk chocolate. I believe there would be more museum visitors if all museums implemented such strategy 🙂 I wandered around this small museum munching on my chocolate. I read about the origins of chocolate and about Aztec culture. Then I watched a short documentary film about the production of the chocolate. It was very informative but I also found it a bit sad because all the money from the chocolate consumption goes to big international companies who produce chocolate bars and pralines while the countries that grow cocoa beans are still poor. Unfortunately, that’s the case with most resources. Then I browsed chocolate wrappings from all around the world and rejoiced when I found some very old ones from Croatia.


There was also a Belgian pralines workshop but I had to wait for the next demonstration and degustation to begin. So I just took some photos of a few chocolate sculptures in the museum. By that time I had already finished my chocolate which I got at the entrance and I was looking forward to try some freshly made Belgian pralines. How do you call a person who makes pralines? Anyway, that person made a short demonstration of praline making procedure. The best part was that we were given a few pralines to try (there were a few people at the museum waiting for the workshop to begin like I did). Of course, the pralines were excellent and there was an option to buy some.

It was June and it was rather hot so I didn’t buy any chocolate in the chocolate gift shop at the exit. It was a very pleasant visit! Would I recommend a visit to the chocolate museum in Prague? Well, it’s a fun little museum and if you really love chocolate then do visit. But if you want to explore Prague then there are other better options to experience Prague than to waste your time in a (tasty) museum that has nothing to do with Prague’s culture or history.

inside Prague's chocolate museum, June 2010

inside Prague’s chocolate museum, June 2010

The Choco-Story museum opened in Prague in 2008 and it’s a part of a group of chocolate  museums so you can visit the same museum in Belgium, France and in Mexico. My visit was in 2010 so I’m sure that a lot has changed since then.  I’ve read that there’s now all you can eat chocolate part. That sounds exciting! (and appetizing). Regrettably I didn’t take a lot of photos in the museum and I managed to find just one for this post so the others are from the Internet. When I visited Brussels I wanted to visit the choco-story museum there too but in the end there was no time (and the opening hours were short). To find out more about the chocolate museum in Prague click here

Have you been to a chocolate museum? Check also my post about visiting a real chocolate factory in Austria 🙂

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