Friendly Friday Photo Challenge: Dreamy

Dreamy.…such a powerful word that conjures so many images to me. Images of seaside holidays, old castles, my beautiful son, my cat when he sleeps in the sun, my favourite chocolate and London. To me London has always been dreamy. But I chose this photo from Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, England as my answer to this Friendly Friday Photo Challenge:Dreamy. Why ? Because it’s just dreamy, isn’t it?  And because it reminds me of the time of my life when I was full of dreams….


Bury St Edmunds


My dear friend from the Snow Melts Somewhere blog has launched a new weekly photo challenge Friendly Friday a few weeks ago. She’s hosting it with another great blogger from Something to ponder about blog. Every Friday one of them gives a prompt and this Friday the prompt was Dreamy. This photo is my answer to Snow’s prompt dreamy.

What does dreamy mean to you?



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7 thoughts

  1. What a beautiful, dreamy castle-home!! Does someone live there?? Whenever I see houses like this, I wonder why we don’t all live like this – in inspiring buildings, cute ones, carefully designed ones…
    Perfect for the challenge!
    And “it reminds me of the time of my life when I was full of dreams” – ahh yes, the nostalgia in those words, I was like that too. Youth is beautiful… 🙂

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