Life & blog update:February 2019

Children’s Carnival Parade in Rijeka, Croatia

Life and blog update February 2019..And just like that another month has passed by. We spent most of the month at my husband’s parents because we had our bathroom completely renovated. It reminds me of a contemporary hotel bathroom now because we’ve put in a walk-in shower 🙂

Since we could leave our boy at the grandparent’s we had a pizza date night for Valentine’s Day, met up with some friends twice and we went to the cinema one weekend too.

Last year we attended the International Carnival Parade in Rijeka with our boy for the first time and this year we went to the Children’s Carnival Parade, also in Rijeka. I think our boy is still too young to appreciate the colorful costumes and masks but who knows, maybe one day he’ll participate in the parade with his school or his carnival group.

I have made a big announcement on Instagram recently (photo is below). I’ll blog about it soon. At the moment I’m fine but my main preoccupation is how to prepare my boy for the arrival of a baby in the fall?

I haven’t been very active on this little blog of mine but hopefully that’ll change soon. However, I entered in a new photo challenge linkup hosted by my friend from the Snow Melts Somewhere blog. Check it this Friday for a new prompt!

Also, I’m kind of sad to see that Google+ is shutting down. I’ve had quite a number of views from my Google+ account event though I didn’t have that many followers.

What have you done in February?


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  1. Ooh, I didn’t see your great announcement! (Thanks instagram’s evil algorithm). Congratulations, big brother might need some time to adjust, but I bet he will enjoy a lot having a playmate 😀❤

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