Life & blog update: July & August 2020

My son in the left corner of the photo at Medieval Theme Park San Michael

Life and blog update: July and August 2020…this is actually the first time ever that I put two months in a single monthly overview post. So, let’s talk briefly about July first. My husband had holidays so we spent them at island Krk as usually. The beach, sea, sun, two kids…sounds wonderful but it actually wasn’t. Mosquito bites, one day high fever, rash behind the knee, no sleep, too hot to be outside much, can’t spend the entire day at the beach….just a few reasons why this holiday wasn’t the best ever. Holidays with kids aren’t proper holidays 🙂 Yes, we all had fun too but it was more tiring than relaxing. We successfully did potty training with my son so that’s like the biggest news so far this year. Really, if you aren’t a parent you just can’t possibly imagine how using the potty is one of the biggest achievements in your child’s life.

The most fun day in July was our visit to the cowboy village Roswell. I even blogged about it (link is below). One weekend after our cowboy outing we went on another interesting day trip (in August). This time we went back in time further and had lots of fun at the Medieval Theme Park San Michael. It’s a big wooden castle and there are lots of great activities for kids (and even a sort of escape room activity for adults). I will blog about it (as well as about our first post-lockdown day trip to the smallest town in the world back in May and our visit to Zagreb Zoo in June).

We manged to have some adult time too and went bowling twice with our friends this summer. My best friend moved to Germany but even though she’s much closer to me now than when she lived in China I won’t be able to visit her so soon because of COVID-19. I really don’t want to discuss anything about corona virus here because I’m so fed up with double standards and many illogical and impractical rules being enforced here.

my daughter swimming

In August we spent a couple of days at Krk island again and this time we all had a more relaxing time because we had visitors with kids so our son had friends to play with. Another big news concerning my son was that he got in in the Italian daycare (and in the older group) starting 1 September.

My baby girl loved being at the beach. She got two upper teeth in July. My daughter who will be 1 soon stood up for the first time. She also babbles a lot and says mummy and daddy and utters sounds that sound like yes and no. She loves talking on the phone. She’s got a sweet bubbling personalty but she’s also very determined. Of course, she’s still her older brother’s no.1 fan and they are finally getting along. They are actually playing together now too which is a huge change. Babies are so much easier to take care of than toddlers.

My wedding anniversary was at the end of August and we were supposed to spend a romantic weekend away at a castle hotel. But we had to cancel our plans because the kids got sick again. Instead we had a lovely lunch without the kids. However, we are going there this weekend!

It’s been 5 years since I started blogging. Instead of writing a special blogiversary post as I did in the previous years I decided to re-post my first ever post (all about my love for London ). I don’t know when I’ll go to London again. And that makes me sad. There are more important things in life than travelling but travelling was once a big part of who I am and I miss that part of my personality.

How did you spend this summer? Did you travel anywhere? Do you have any plans for autumn?

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Have a great September!



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  1. Happy blogoversary!!! Potty training really is a form of art. Though our twins have now mastered it, we still use diapers at night and on car trips, and sometimes I think we are sending mixed messages and should stop doing that immediately! It’s now us parents who need thought training regarding potties!!

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