Friendly Friday Photo Challenge: Colour Harmonies my way

This is my first Friendly Friday Photo Challenge in 2020. Usually, I just take a photo of something I like. I don’t think about different photography techniques or styles. So, I hope that these photos below match this Friday’s prompt : Colour harmonies.

pink against the blue…
Hum in Croatia

What do you think? Do these two photos answer this Friday’s prompt?

Friendly Friday is hosted by Amanda and Sandy every Friday.

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10 thoughts

  1. I do think you have met the brief, and met it well! How intense is that pink ice cream against the softer blues in the background?
    Whilst the blue sky against the orange tones of the old buildings in Croatia definitely has a complementary harmony to it. The walls and those smaller deeper orange areas under the arches on the building on the right are enhanced by the deep blue of the sky. Perhaps your eye picked up the colour harmonies without realizing it and that is what attracted you to take these shots?
    Great work and welcome to Friendly Friday. I hope you have fun participating in the challenges.

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    1. Thanks. I thought the first photo was an example of contrasting colors and the second photo also shows the contrast between the blue of the sky and the earthy tones of the houses but there’s also as you have pointed out a complementary harmony of those orange colors of the ground, houses…

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