Life & blog update: September 2021

Grobnik field, Croatia

Life & blog update: September 2021…was a month of celebrations and birthday parties.

My daughter started daycare in September. She has already been familiarized with the building and the walk from our house to the daycare because she enrolled into her brothers’ daycare (but in the younger group). She adapted quickly to her group and her teachers. She likes it. And just like that I have two kids at the daycare. How time flies!

We celebrated our daughters’ 2nd birthday. She has grown so much in the past  year. 14cm to be precise! She is petite for her age but she is surely eating well and meeting all the milestones. We actually celebrated her birthday several times. There was first a dinner out just for the four of us. Then, a small birthday party with the grandparents and the cousins and finally a separate birthday party for a couple of our friends. Of course, she has also had a birthday party at the daycare with music and healthy snacks. She enjoyed all the extra attention and the fuss and the cakes and the presents from all of her birthday parties. Our clever, beautiful and fierce girl is now 2 years old.🤩

On the other hand, my almost 4 year old son had a head injury. It is not as bad as it sounds but we had a quick visit to the children’s hospital with him. We got a phone call from the daycare telling us that our son hit his head while playing and that he might need some stitches. In the end they put something else instead of stitches but unfortunately the scar on his forehead from that playing accident is visible. Do you remember how I wrote about my son’s previous little accident when he knocked out one of his teeth last November? Oh my, oh my, what else will he manage to bruise/hit/loose? In other news, my son and I went to the cinema for the first time in his life and saw Paw Patrol movie. I am glad we did that.

My new kitchen arrived at the beginning of the month. It is gorgeous! I am especially happy with my dishwasher and my kind of steam punk looking hob, oven and kitchen hood set. We’ve spent around 3 weeks without a kitchen living in a complete mess. My husband did a lot of renovation work by himself. However, there are still some minor works to be undertaken and I still haven’t gotten around to filling all the cabinets.

I mentioned my new job last month. I am pleased to tell you that I got a permanent contract. We had a mini celebratory dinner with the kids. Another celebratory dinner is in order because my husband signed a contract for his first board game. He has designed several board games and now one of his games will be published. We are all very happy and I am very proud of him.

I booked my first flight since April 2019. I am visiting my best friend in Germany. I am so looking forward to it but I’m also a bit worried about flying during this pandemic. I wasn’t able to visit her while she lived in China so I am very happy that I can visit her now.

I had the best of intentions of writing at least a couple of more blog posts in the past month but in the end there were just two. I wish I had more time for my blog.

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16 thoughts

  1. Seems like it was a happy September month for you guys (well, except for that little accident with your 4-year old … I’m glad it wasn’t too serious)! Congratulations on all the good news – may October be a great month as well!

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  2. Ah, your son sounds like he’s accident-prone! We call that a “walking disaster,” haha. It’s incredible you got the opportunity to book internationally to Germany, and I hope you have fun! It’ll take until at least mid to late 2022 for me to feel comfortable booking a trip internationally (especially flights!), but time will tell. Enjoy your time in Germany!

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  3. That kindergarten phone call is every parent’s nightmare. I’m so glad that it wasn’t serious and his scar will fade in time. Other than that, so much good news. Enjoy your trip to Germany! Despite all the anxiety that comes with travel now, it is worth it, I think. Feels good to be on the road and exploring unfamiliar streets and neighbourhoods.

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    1. Thanks,yes,it could have been much worse. Yes, we did a day trip to Italy recently with the kids and it felt so good to be on the road again.I am sure I will have great time in Germany

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  4. That is a lot of (mostly) good news. Congratulations on your job and to your husband on his board game. I hope that once it is published you can tell us a bit about it.

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  5. Loved your latest update. So pleased that your little girl is settling into day care and that your son’s injury wasn’t too serious. I’m sure the scar will soon fade. How wonderful that your husband’s board game will be published. Can you tell me something about it. Happy October. Marion

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    1. Thanks Marion.I am afraid I can’t tell much about hs board game but it will take up to 24months before it is published, that is a standard procedure.thank you for your comment

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