Life & blog update: February 2023

Life & blog update: February 2023 was…a short month spent mostly at home because we were sick again. As I have already written in January post, we all got the flu at the end of the month and the sick period continued well into February. Kids got tummy bug and we got it too. My son didn’t go to daycare for full 4 weeks and my daughter was away for 3 weeks.

We all got better just in time for the International Carnival parade in Rijeka. There were around a hundred masked groups, adults and kids. We watched the parade for a while and my kids were very happy because some carnival groups threw candy for the kids.

Croatian’s musical competition for Eurovision song contest was also held in February. The winners are a well established rock band who purposely made a mockery song with a not so hidden political message and surprisingly they won. It’ll be interesting to see how they score at Eurovision.

I forgot to mention last month that Croatia now has Euro. Bye, bye national currency Croatian Kuna and hello €. Everything was so expensive and now it is even more so. One good thing is that tourists won’t need an exchange office anymore if they are coming for a holiday here (if they can still afford it) from Eurozone countries. Personally, I still don’t like to pay bills with Euros because it feels like I’m throwing away my travel money, if you know what I mean.

How was your February? I’m just hoping for a healthy spring and more outdoor activities in March. I’m looking forward to our trip to Krakow, Poland in April :).

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  1. Glad you’re all on the mend. It’s hard work when sickness hits the house, especially with young children. Wishing you a happy, healthy March!

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  2. Wow, that must have been quite a tough month with everyone feeling sick! The carnival celebrations seem really fun though! Welcome to the euro! I hope the prices will stabilise in your country a bit and things won’t be as expensive anymore… I guess it will take some getting used to, but it will probably make travelling easier! I hope March is great for you!

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