My favourite London parks

There are a lot of green spaces in London. From the Royal Parks to the small private gardens you’re never too far from a naughty squirrel or two. Whatever the season it’s always enjoyable to spend some time in one of the many London parks. They offer more than just beautiful flowers and trees. You can do sports, have a drink, listen to some music, see a play or entertain your kids. I’m sure all the parks in London are wonderful but here’s the list of my favourite London parks.

Kensington gardens

You’ll find the Kensington palace, the Albert Memorial, the Peter Pan statue and the Princess Diana memorial playground in this beautiful park. It’s the first park I’ve ever visited in London. My best friend and I stayed at Bayswater area so we took advantage of our proximity to the Kensington gardens park and spend a lot of time there. We strolled through the park and came across a lot of playful squirrels. A few years later I finally visited the Peter Pan statue too.

Kensington gardens park
Kensington gardens park

Kensington gardens, London

St James’s park

You can see the pelicans here! How awesome is that? You can also take great photos of the Buckingham palace from this lovely park. I’m not sure whether I saw my first squirrel ever here or at the Kensington park but you can always see friendly squirrels in St James’s park.

Buckingham palace, London
view of the Buckingham palace from the park

Hyde park

It’s one of the biggest parks in the Central London. You can rent a boat and paddle across the Serpentine lake or just rent a sun lounger and relax in the sun if you’re too lazy to take advantage of one of its sports pitches. There are restaurants and cafes within the park too. If you visit it on a Sunday don’t miss the Speaker’s Corner and listen to people sharing their opinion with the world. I spent some time at Hyde park during my 11th trip to London last year too.

Hyde Park, London

Primrose Hill

It’s actually not a park but a hill with a wonderful view of London which is located on the northern side of the Regent’s Park. I saw it in a movie a long time ago and finally visited it with my best friend in 2013. I loved the view and the beautiful houses of the affluent Primrose Hill neighbourhood. You can also visit the London ZOO in the Regent’s Park.

view of London from the Primrose Hill
view of London from the Primrose Hill

Hampstead Heath

I felt like I was in an enchanted forest and not in a park in London when I walked through this huge park last year. You can easily get lost too! I’ve visited beautiful Kenwood house and admired the gorgeous views of London from the Parliament Hill. Furthermore, I even saw a couple of celebrities 🙂 Hampstead is such a charming part of London.

Kenwood house, London
Kenwood house

Greenwich park

This is the oldest Royal park and a part of Greenwich World Heritage Site which includes the Prime Meridian and the Old Royal Observatory. The National Maritime Museum is near too as well as the historical Cutty Sark ship. You can enjoy stunning views of London from the top of the hill. The best way to reach Greenwich is to take a boat ride down the Thames all the way from the London Eye.

the Royal Observatory
the Royal Observatory
view of London from the Greenwich park
view of London from the Greenwich park

What about you? What’s your favourite London park? How do you spend your time in a London park? Do you have picnics on a sunny day?

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56 thoughts

  1. The pelicans came as a bit of a shock to me, even though I’d been living in London for some time and walked though the park loads before I tripped accross them (are those…. pelicans???!!!). Should be more wildly known about!

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  2. Despite many visits to London I still haven’t made it to Greenwich. Can’t quite believe it. This is one park I must see so thank you for the gentle nudge!

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  3. I’ve never been to Hampstead Heath, but I heard a lot of good things about it. My favorite is still Primrose Hill so far! x

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  4. The parks are one of London’s fantastic features. Have you ever been to the open-air theatre in Regent’s Park? It’s a great place to watch A Midsummer Night’s Dream. I haven’t been to Hampstead Heath in years – you’ve reminded me to visit again soon. Thanks for sharing on #FarawayFiles

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  5. We are lucky to have such great parks – I do love Hyde Park and St James’s but also Regent’s park with the roses and open air theatre (and zoo!) Thanks for linking up with #citytripping

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  6. London has some fabulous parks doesn’t it? My favourite would still have to be Richmond and Bushy Park though, as the two parks closest to my house when we lived there! 🙂

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