Monthly Blog Overview: February 2017

February. A lot has happened in the shortest month of the year. But I can’t tell you anything just yet. 🙂 Anyway, I finished my course. Now I have to study a lot since I have to pass 9 exams in April. But then I’ll get my new licence. What is it? I’ll tell you in April. Also, I had to postpone my trip to Munich because of the exams so hopefully we’ll manage to go to Germany in May instead of late March. I didn’t blog much because I didn’t have a lot of free time. To be perfectly honest, I also kind of lost my motivation for blogging. However, I opened Instagram account for this blog!:) Yay! And I’m totally hooked already. Have you seen my post on postcards exchange? Would you like to get involved? If you want to send & receive pretty postcards get in touch with me via email at

How was your February?

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Blog love

As I’ve already said I opened my Instagram account. If you haven’t already, check it out and follow me. Thanks!:)

For a few of you who are actually from Croatia (or understand Croatian) and read my blog: here’s the link to my first ever blog post in Croatian. It’s a guest post for a lovely Croatian lifestyle blogger Kristina 🙂 Check her blog out! (ps. she bakes mean cakes!)

I’ve been nominated yet again for another Liebster Award by Sherianne from Out of Office blog. Thanks!

Thanks to all who signed up for my postcards exchange!:) That’s all for February’s monthly blog overview. 

Have a happy March!



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