I’m on Instagram!


I finally did it! 🙂 I’ve just opened Instagram account for my blog. I know, I’m entering a brave new world. I’m so confused and I hate my phone but hopefully I’ll manage to upload something on a daily basis. I’m still trying to find and follow all my favourite bloggers. You’re welcome to leave your Instagram details in the comments section below and I’ll have a look at your Instagram profile and I’ll probably follow you:)  I don’t usually take photos with my phone when I’m travelling so I don’t have that many good photos to upload but hopefully I’ll manage to transfer some of my rather nice travel photos from my PC to my phone:) Ok, that might be cheating but what can I do? I want to share all my travel photos with you!

So come along, follow me on Instagram! I know you want to 🙂 Thanks!



You can also find me on Twitter / Facebook / Google+ / Bloglovin’

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  1. Hi Tanja, Instagram scares me! I find it a very ruthless environment. I find people just add you for the sack of getting a follower, then sadly they unfollow you a few days later! I wish that people would just communicate and didn’t sink that low! I’m just doing this because I enjoy it but some just do it for gaining followers! I’ve added you 🙂

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  2. Haha don’t worry I think a lot of people now transfer photos to their phones & then upload to Instagram. I’m certainly guilty of that.. but welcome to the world of Instagram 😊😊

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