Let’s Pack For A Week Holiday With Cabin Luggage Only

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There are many among us who do not have the ability to travel light yet they equally hate handing over cash to an airline company for their ultra-heavy luggage who is already making a ton of money! Another aspect that turns people off from packing a heavy bag is that they will eventually need to stand in a long queue to collect their belongings.

To help people in times of such a dilemma, we have put together a few tried and tested tips that they can easily carry out to make their cabin luggage light yet hold all the necessary items they need in a week’s holiday. Let’s take a look now, shall we!?


Take the right cabin bag

When one gets their hand on the perfect cabin bag then it can be considered that half the battle is won! If not, then get ready to pay till your heart bleeds at the check-in counter!

The baggage limits vary with the airline you choose which is why you should take careful measures to make sure what is the maximum amount of weight you can carry in the cabin as per the airline you have chosen for your flight. It is advised to be vigilant if you have connecting flights or are planning to travel back to your place of origin via a different airline.

Plan your outfits, day by day

When it comes to packing, preparation is the key to everything. It is advised to collect everything you want to take on your holiday trip a week in advance before the date of departure. Follow up with a rejection process where you will be rejecting items that you can do without on the trip! A day by day outfit plan is the best possible approach if you want to keep yourself from taking more than you need.

It is best to create a short wardrobe where one can simply mix and match to look unique all the while keeping the luggage light!


Pack your heaviest items at the bottom

When one desperately needs to carry something heavy in their cabin luggage but don’t want to pay the fees for it what should they do!? Simple! Pack the heavy items close to the wheels of your luggage and make the most out of unused spaces like the insides of your footwear with small items like chargers, scarves, etc.


Roll, don’t fold

It is one of those tried and tested techniques that never fail when it becomes a necessity to cramp up as many items in the hand baggage as possible since you will be off for a whole week! It is advised to take each item of clothing, fold in their sleeves (if any) and then roll the same as tightly one possibly can! Instead of folding, when one if rolling their items within their luggage, they can be amazed by how much space they will be saving!

Even after following all the above tips you still find that your bag is too big to be carried as a cabin luggage, you can always try your luck and ask the staff if they can allow you to check in your baggage in the cargo hold for free. If there is a bit of a rush on that day, then who knows, you might be in for a treat!




Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post.

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  1. I met a woman on a recent trip who travels the world with only hand luggage. She gets the type that you can wash out with shampoo in a hotel room. I was totally inspired! One day that will be me.

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  2. One of the best tips I could ever pass on, is roll your outfits into day sets – lay out all the clothes you need for each day, and roll them together to ease of unpacking!

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