Life & blog update: September 2018

Veliki Tabor Castle in Croatia

September. For me the real beginning of a year is the start of a school year, not the festive celebrations of January 1. And as usually, this September was yet again another new beginning for me. I’ve joined yoga classes. Painful is the word I’d use to describe everything I do during a yoga class but that’s because I’ve got a rubbish back. Unfortunately, no matter how cute babies are, it’s not easy to lift and carry a baby all the time. My boy is big and restless so holding him is like trying to close a can of wriggly worms. And no, I can’t relax and meditate at the end of my yoga class because all I can think when my yoga instructor says feel the love is pain. But that’s okay. I know yoga does me good.

I’ve started to work after maternity leave too (actually 2 moths earlier, you can take one year off here). It’s just two days in a week but it’s more than enough for me right now. I have no idea how other mothers work every day and take care of their children and cook and blog and do million other things. I guess I’ll learn. I’ve recently been to Italy because of my other job. That was the first time that I’ve been away from my baby boy. He survived. He had a lot of fun with his dad and his grandparents. He didn’t seem to have missed me at all. On the other hand, I worried too much and I didn’t sleep through the night as I’d hoped. I can’t believe my boy will be 1-year-old soon. He’s already taken a few steps on his own. He’ll be walking quite soon.

We went on a day trip to Veliki Tabor Castle in Zagorje region of Croatia. I’ll blog about it eventually. There are so many blog posts waiting to be written but I just don’t have the time or the motivation. I don’t know why I find writing about my travels difficult lately. You know what, I’ve almost booked a flight to London!:) I considered doing that for whole two minutes when I got an invitation for a free afternoon tea in a luxury London hotel. Oh, my, I do love an afternoon tea:) However, I had to decline the lovely offer.

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  1. I am exactly the same, I always wondered how working moms did it. It’s like when I work, and my kids are teens now, there is still 101 things that need done! The kids always need to go somewhere, I need to do something or be somewhere! If I were independently wealthy, everything would be fine… hahaha!!! I love your photos!!!! I Hope you have a great week, Tammy x

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