What are my greatest adventures?

I won’t be modest and I’ll say that I have had a few great adventures so far. Which one was the greatest? Well, that’s a tough question. I recently wrote about flight problems and how the simple plan to fly to Madrid via London turned out to be an adventure in itself but I’ve had even more interesting and convoluted travel plans in my reckless and broke youth ( not that I’m rich now, far from it).

Istanbul, 2005

Istanbul, 2005

Back in 2005 I travelled with a group of friends to Turkey by train. It only took us 30 h to get to Istanbul but it was the cheapest option available. We didn’t take the sleeping car but nestled in our sleeping bags in an ordinary one and somehow passed the time without the smart phones. Somewhere in Romania the power went out so we were also freezing (it was October) but we eventually came to the Turkish border and soon after to Istanbul. Anyway, after spending 30 h on the train we spend the next three days sightseeing around Istanbul before we went on to Izmir by bus (and by ferry). That was only around 330 km further during which we felt two earthquakes and not to mention that all this happened during the bird flu outbreak and paranoia.

Next year I went to Greece by boat from Venice with a couple of friends. The voyage lasted 36 hours from Venice to Patras and then we also needed to get a train to Athens. I don’t need to mention how smelly we were after sleeping on the deck in our sleeping bags. And hungry because we managed to eat everything from our backpacks which wasn’t a small feat. However, the 2 weeks we spent exploring Greece were one of the best times of my life.

Corfu, Greece, 2006

Corfu, Greece, 2006

But perhaps an even greater adventure was my short time in England. Just after my graduation I spent a couple of months living and working in Suffolk because I got into some sort of internship programme. It was a dream come true but unfortunately I wasn’t really ready for everything it entailed and left earlier than I was supposed to. The whole experience has definitely changed me.

England, 2008

England, 2008

So, what is my greatest adventure of them all? Marriage. Plain and simple, I think that spending the rest of my life with my husband is the greatest adventure I have ever embarked on. Ok, that maybe came out a tad wrong 🙂 He’s a great husband! You know what I mean, don’t you? And hopefully together we’ll embark on an even greater adventure : having children. And travelling with them 🙂



This post was written for the monthly travel link up by EmmaAndreaJessie and Angie

Ps. We’re off to Stockholm in April and I’m going to London in May!:))

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