Life & blog update: October 2020

Kastav, Croatia

Life & blog update: October 2020…..was a less exciting month than September. However, we still had some fun. I read a bit, watched some films and series (Emily in Paris) and my husband and I had a couple of board games’ nights with friends.

My kids got sick last month, just common cold but still it’s a nuisance to get sick, especially in these times. Then, I got a tummy bug and had a miserable weekend. But we managed to have 3 outings with the kids last month. We went to Kastav (pictured above) and to Opatija and for a stroll by the sea.

My daughter had her first dentist’s appointment. She’s only got 6 teeth. She has also started to walk if you hold her hand (previously she was just walking if she was holding onto furniture). She can say cat which isn’t an easy word in Croatian language. My girl gives kisses too. Funnily, my son didn’t give kisses until he was about 2 years old. When you said give me a kiss, he would lean over to you and expect to be kissed on his forehead or cheek, he didn’t give a kiss 🙂 There are so many differences between my two kids. My son enjoys being at his new daycare. We had the first parents’ meeting and it was in Italian since it’s an Italian daycare. I am proud to say that I’ve managed to understand it all. My kids are getting along nicely now but of course there are the usual skirmishes because of toys.

There are really a lot of new corona virus cases in Croatia every day. I think we are now like Sweden in the spring when everyone was in lockdown and they seemed to be the only country doing business as usual. There are many measures enforced in Croatia but it doesn’t seem like there is going to be a new lockdown soon. But my best friend won’t come home for Christmas which made me very sad.

October was the best month in number of views/visitors to my blog this year. Actually, it was the best month since August 2019!!!! My traffic has decreased significantly this year which is understandable due to lack of travel and general lack of interest in travel because of Covid-19 situation. But to be honest you can’t expect a lot of traffic if you don’t post, right? I mean, I posted only once in June and in July whilst I published 6 blog posts in October.

I got interviewed by a fellow travel blogger Andy on his travel blog last month. You can check the interview here or click on the reblog below. You should definitely follow his blog, he has stories from all around the world.

How was your October? Are you in lockdown now?

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Have a great November!



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9 thoughts

  1. Wow congrats to your daughter for her almost-first steps! 😁 And to you for your traffic this month! 😊 I’m sorry to see that the number of cases is growing in Croatia too… There’s been a lockdown for two weeks already in Belgium and it seems that the situation is getting better, which makes me a bit hopeful! Have a lovely month of october 😊

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  2. Oh, I believe we blog not only to get traffic to our blogs. I don’t have a big audience but i am happy anyway when the info I provide turn out to have been useful to someone else…and especially, writing about it keeps my travel bug alive…

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  3. It’s interesting that traffic would decrease due to people not traveling; if anything, more people are staying home and online even more, reading travel blogs to inspire the wanderlust! Likewise, though, I’ve experienced decreased traffic in recent weeks, but I’ve had similar experiences over the years in that this time of the year is slower…but it should pick up in the summer, hopefully! Stay safe and well, Tanja!

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    1. Thanks Rebecca. I’ve heard from bloggers who actually make a living blogging that their traffic has decreased so much too. You’d think that ppl would read about travel when they can’t travel but that apparently hasn’t been the case

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  4. Yes, we’re in lockdown again in the UK – almost two weeks into what is promised to be just a four week lockdown (ending 2nd December). But my guess is that when/if we com eout of it, the restrictions will still be quite tight. It’s difficult to plan for Christmas as I don’t know if we’ll be able to spend it with my sister and her family or will be on our own. We’re hoping for some clarity soon, and looking forward to the spring when hopefully the vaccines will give us a way out!

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