My English bucket list

Bath, England

I’ve visited Bath in 2009 so it’s not on this list but it doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t want to visit it again

I don’t really do bucket lists. Occasionally I’ll write down a couple of places I’d like to visit but I don’t give myself a set time frame to accomplish those travel wishes. Also, I sometimes go to a place because I found a bargain flight not necessarily because it was on some sort of my bucket/travel wish list. I’m pretty keen on London as you might have gathered from my blog. I am also an anglophile (did the name give me out? ๐Ÿ™‚ ) so I’d like to visit as many places in England as I possibly could. But there’s only one problem with that: money. England isn’t a cheap country and since I also want to visit some other countries too I can’t just spend all my travel money on multiple visits to England.

Some of the places have been on this bucket list for a long time while others are new entries (thanks to the fellow bloggers I now have an ever increasing travel wish list/bucket list). I’d hoped to visit more of England during my work experience in the UK and during my subsequent visits but London was always high up on my list so I didn’t cross off as many places as I’d hoped. However, I did visit quite a bit, especially in beautiful Suffolk (check my Places Iโ€™ve visitedย page). I just haven’t written about them much (you can read about Cambridgeย and Bury St Edmunds). I have visited Scotland too and fell in love with Edinburgh. I’d like to explore even more of Scotland but that’s a topic for some other post. Moreover, I’d really like to visit Wales and Northern Ireland some day too. But let me show you first my English bucket list.

My English bucket list


They call it London by the sea. I’d love to see the Royal Pavilion and to walk on the Pier and spend some time at the beach.

Windsor Castle

Visiting the royal castle would be a special treat for me.

Highclere castle

Downton abbey was filmed here. Need I say more?


The picture perfect villages of Cotswolds have put a spell on many visitors so I’m sure I’d love them too.


I’ve visited Bath and Stonehenge but unfortunately I didn’t have enough time to see Salisbury’s cathedral too.


I’ve been lucky to see the Stonehenge


I’ve seen so many beautiful photos of Cornwall’s seaside and its pretty towns.


I’d like to walk on York’s historical walls and I’d like to explore the Shambles.


The birthplace of Shakespeare. Since I actually studied English literature I really should have visited it by now.

Canterbury cathedral

Another majestic cathedral to add to my list of visited places.

Leeds castle

I’m told it’s one of the prettiest castles in England. And I love castles.

Lake District

I usually visit cities on my trips but I’d like to see the beautiful nature of the Lake District.


I’ve visited Oxford too and loved it!


Bram Stoker’s Dracula was here. Yes, I want to visit it!

Hadrian’s Wall

The former border of the once mighty Roman empire. Yes, please, I’d like to follow in the Roman footsteps and walk along the walls.

Arundel Castle

Another amazing castle to visit. I’ve been to a few English castles but England is chock-full of gorgeous castles.


Timber-framed historical houses. A good enough reason for me to visit it.

Blenheim palace

I’ve seen it in so many movies and Churchill was born here.

I've been to Kenilworth castle too

I’ve been to Kenilworth castle too

So, this is my English bucket list. Oh, I could have added more castles and historical houses but this list is already long enough. I’d consider myself lucky if I manage to visit at least a handful of these places.

ps. the photos in this post are from the places I did visit:)

Have you got a similar bucket list? If you live in Britain, how many of these places have you visited it?

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