10 small pleasures (Christmas edition)

I was inspired to write this blog post after reading a similar post from a fellow blogger. I decided to write about my small pleasures, but specifically about my small pleasures in December during the Christmas season.

So, here’s the list (in no particular order) of my 10 small pleasures (Christmas edition).

  1. Drinking tea from a Christmas market mug

2. Watching corny Hallmark Christmas movies

3. Decorating the Christmas tree

4. Taking photos of my kids wearing Christmassy outfits

5. Reading Christmas themed romantic books

6. Wearing funny Christmas jumpers

7. Eating lots and lots of chocolate and anything that has ginger and cinnamon in it

8. Visiting Christmas markets whether they are local or abroad

9. Sending Christmas cards 

10. Discovering what’s behind the doors every day in chocolate Advent calendar

Christmas at Trsat Castle, Rijeka, Croatia
Christmas decorations at Trsat Castle, Rijeka, Croatia


What are your small pleasures? Share yours with me in the comment section below or write your own post and tell me about it 🙂


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